Slab Leak Restoration

Slab Leak Restoration

  • Did You forget to turn the water off in the tub when you had to take a phone call? 
  • Did you think your overflow drain was working correctly but was actually clogged?
  • Have you had a child start the water and leave without telling anyone? 

These are all examples of accidental water accidents that can cause serious proper damage.

That is when you should call Yaeger Restoration for your water overflow damage extraction, clean-up, and restoration!

Slab leaks occur when the pipes in your foundation become corroded. It can also happen if a pipe bursts. … When slab leaks happen, it’s because the pipes in your foundation have pinhole leaks. These leaks are caused by corrosion, which can happen as a result of the home settling on the foundation.

Yaeger Restoration is capable of handling all your water removal services no matter what flooring covers the area.

What is leak detection?

Leak detection is a term used to describe the process of locating a pipe leak. This can be a leaking drain or sewer pipe, water pipe, gas pipe, or plumbing fixture. By utilizing a combination of tools, a professional leak detector can pinpoint the source of your leak.

What are the Methods of Leak Detection?

There are three, main methods of leak detection used for commercial and residential properties. These methods are listed below:

1.Hydrostatic Testing

A hydrostatic test is a way to test pipes for leaks, by filling them with water and pressurizing the system. This testing method is more commonly used when detecting a drain pipe leak. If you have a sewer odor or slab foundation problems, hydrostatic testing is an excellent way to locate the source.

2.Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging equipment senses the difference in temperature between items and then displays it on a camera screen. If you have hidden moisture in your walls that is not visible to the naked eye, a thermal imaging camera is capable of detecting the moisture. This type of leak detection is very commonly used when attempting to pinpoint a hot water leak.

3.Acoustic Detection

Acoustic leak detection equipment allows the professional leak detector to narrow down the source of the leak using equipment that pinpoints acoustic sound. When you have a water pipe leak, the water emitted from the pipe makes a distinct noise. This “noise,” can be detected by acoustic equipment. This method of leak detection is most commonly used when you are experiencing a slab leak.

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By performing a thorough water extraction analysis Yaeger Restoration professionals help reduce the drying time and help to prevent mold and secondary water damage. We use powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property. Contact us today!

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